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The Weekend Workshop

How would you like to be able to make your own unique clothes?


How would you like to have clothes that fit you perfectly and look exactly how you want them to?


You know what’s right for you and what you prefer, whether wide or fitted garments, exactly how long you like them, with a deep sexy neckline, a smart conservative one or perhaps a square boat neck?


You know what is flattering! Now you can make sure all your clothes are a perfect fit.


Let me tell you about the Sewing and Pattern Making Weekend Workshop.

The workshop is based on the AB System which provides you with all the necessary tools for you to design and sew your perfect outfits, or even gain a profession!

 The AB System is precise and efficient and very user friendly! Using special AB System Rulers, you can generate your basic pattern for a perfect fit, in about fifteen minutes!

The rulers can be used to produce patterns for women, men, and children from the

age of two.

About the Workshop

The first step is learning how to take body measurements and draft a basic pattern that fits your body perfectly. (And we’ll practice making a pattern for someone else too!)

The next step teaches how to turn a basic pattern into the design you have in mind, developing the pattern to create the chosen neckline, width, length, turning it into a dress or a tunic, adding pleats, gathers, pockets and all the details.

You will learn how to make a variety of skirt patterns, from a slim pencil skirt to an A line  or paneled skirt or a full or half flared skirt.

A basic pattern is like the basic recipe for a cake. It needs to have the right ingredients in good measure, but the flavor, the color and style you add to transform a cake into a delight, are the design, the details, the harmony that transform your basic pattern into a dress that will look exactly as you imagined!

The workshop caters to people both with or without experience in sewing.

It is intended for anyone interested in learning the technique of creating a basic pattern and then learning how this can be developed into an infinite number of patterns for your designs.

Development is the design stage, and in the workshop, you will create a garment of your own design – having learned how to transform the basic pattern to add the details and shape you want!

The workshop will include a comprehensive lecture – The Introduction to Textile, in which you will learn the importance of the materials you choose to work with. The lecture will include a historical review of textile and technology as it has developed.

Participants will choose the fabric they prefer to work with, the texture, feel, weight and color.

In this comprehensive workshop we actually make a garment from A to Z : basic pattern, design and development, cut and sew – and you will walk out wearing your creation!

The AB System

This unique method of drafting a basic pattern using a set of rules, is the ingenious innovation that makes generating a pattern so user friendly. The rulers work for clothes ranging from women’s size 54 to a two-year old’s.

The patterns are drafted with precise personal measurements, not those dictated by the standard industry sizing, which so often is unsuited to most people - the reason so many people have difficulty finding clothes that fit and flatter them.

Naturally your bust may fit a particular size but your hips may fit another, so Off the Rack clothes are a no go!

Once you have learned the system, after a few practice patterns, you will be able to draft a basic pattern in 10-15 minutes and from that point on, developing the designed pattern, is easy and accurate.

IF you would like to see the website for this method you can go to   where they offer online courses.  The workshop I offer is hands-on, personal and ensures full attention to your learning process.

The AB System of Fashion and Pattern Making was developed and distributed by the international school that has headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The system is taught globally, in Europe, the USA, Australia and in Israel.  It has also been recognized by the European Textile Association. Just as a point of interest, the AB Ruler was developed with the help of a medical doctor!!

The unique advantages of the AB System

  • The AB System is quick, easy and highly accurate – all adding up to USER FRIENDLY

  • It is the perfect method for creating personal fit – unlike the industry that divides us into S M L even though each of us has their own unique body shape. Using the AB Rulers, you have your own perfectly fitting basic pattern in 10 minutes!

  • The AB Rulers can be used for woven or knit fabrics for women, men and children of all sizes – whether regular, large or small.

Revital Avidar

I am Revital and I have a studio for pattern making and sewing.

I make patterns, cut fabrics, and sew, all day and in the past few years I have chosen to share the knowledge I have gained over time, and I mostly teach.

The Revital AvidaR Studio is dynamic and busy. The women who come to take professional courses or experiential classes or unique conceptual workshops come from many walks of life.

They come to take my professional courses in pattern making and sewing based on the Muller System and the AB System.  I also offer workshops and after school classes.

If it can be sewn, I can teach it!

All my classes are adapted to meet the needs, the goals and the budget of my clients.


I sewed my first garment when I was 14. It was a fashionable pair of baggy pants (sharwall). I cut up a white bedsheet and sewed them on my mother’s sewing machine, the non-electric foot operated kind! I haven’t stopped since - though I did replace the machine with a professional electric one, and exchanged bed sheets for fabrics of my choice!

At 15 I attended the Haifa Wizo school fashion design track, and after the army learned professional pattern making at the Shenkar school of fashion. I worked as an assistant to the fabulous designer duo “Anne – Shimon” in Tel Aviv’s Shenkin street in the 90’s, for three years.

I have always worked in fashion, sometimes as a designer and sometimes with emphasis on the pattern making aspects!

In 1996 I left for Europe and spent two years in Paris and eight in Antwerp, Belgium. 

My sewing machine went everywhere I went and I have never stopped designing, sewing, creating clothes. It gives me great pleasure, peace and satisfaction and has done so for over thirty years!

Between 2003-2007 I owned a boutique called Maison Close by Revital avidaR. It was my dream come true, with a display window onto a street of designers, in Antwerp. I created a fashion line and my own brand.

 It was a wonderful store, and I cherish moments, memories of cooperation and abundant creativity.

After ten years in Europe, in 2007, I came back to Israel and for the first time since began working, I took a break from the textile industry to work in a totally different field : Motherhood!

During the years away from work, my perspective changed regarding the transformations occurring in the industry.  Since the 21st century started, production has moved to the orient, prices have dropped and designers have begun cooperating with private labels and strong brand names, Clothes are mass produced cheaply - and as a result the rules have changed; I reviewed my possibilities.

I realized that anyone who wanted something unique and well fitted, would have go back to the seamstress and the tailor, for a garment that was what they really wanted.

Then I realized that my vast experience and knowledge could help others and I began teaching. This has become the major part of my business.

After teaching the classic Muller system, which requires a long and for many students, a frustrating process of pattern making, I discovered a system that was much more suitable for our current, ‘instant” way of life. The AB System perfectly suits my requirements!

I've been creating clothes since I was 14 years old and I've kept on doing so ever since. I love textiles and I studied pattern making and fashion design.

I love making customized clothing to fit your body like a glove. 

I had a boutique in Antwerp - Belgium, which is one of the most inspiring city for designers and there I created my label Revital AvidaR .

Now I am back in Israel where I divide my time between motherhood and making clothes and teaching others how to!

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